It’s getting a little competitive in here…

2014 chili cover 3

On November 21st, Mercury employees gathered to test the fortitude of their stomach linings for the third annual Pre-Thanksgiving Chili Cook-Off. Despite the intimidating trash-talk leading up to that Friday, twelve contenders showed up with slow cookers containing their best recipes (only a few vehicle interiors were ruined during the course of transport). Non-competing employees contributed corn bread, salads, drinks, chili accouterments—though not allowed during the actual judging—and antacids.

2014 ChiliAll employees were given an official tasting muffin tin and six tickets to vote with. They were allowed to vote however they deemed fit as long as they didn’t vote for their own chili or give more than three of their tickets to a single chili.

When all the votes were tallied, Billy Tallent’s classic and hearty chili rose from its third place finish last year to first, earning Billy the much-coveted Golden Bowl. Demetri Miller’s new recipe this year was clearly a favorite, and he was granted custody of The Silver Plunger until next year. Third place was a tie between Michael Reilly and Paul Forstman, who will take turns proudly displaying The Bronze Roll on their desks.

Tasting the chiliAs always, good times were had by all in attendance, and the most competitive of our employees are already testing recipes for next year’s competition.