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Vector Goodness

Most of the visuals for our applications start out as vector mockups in Adobe Illustrator. So when we started working on the USA TODAY iPhone app, we went looking for vector UI elements. Although there are a few good Photoshop resources and even a nice OmniGraffle iPhone UI file or two out there, we couldn’t find anything in vector format.

Rather than cry over the lack of good vector elements, we took it upon ourselves to recreate a large portion of the iPhone’s UI elements so we would have them available for future projects. Obviously, we aren’t telling you all of this just to wave it in your face and tell you we have fancy tools that you don’t. Because we care so much about our fellow iPhone developers, we are making our vector files available to you today. (I think I just made myself throw up a little.)

So you are probably asking, “Billy Mays*, how much is this going to set me back?” If you act now, this priceless file can be yours absolutely free. You heard me correctly, absolutely FREE!

Click on the images below for a preview of the elements included. (Of course you’ll need to download the Illustrator file to see everything in its full vector glory.)

UI Vector Preview 1UI Vector Preview 2UI Vector Preview 3

Download iPhone UI Vector Elements (2.6MB)

For Photoshop iPhone UI files check out Teehan+Lax’s iPhone GUI PSD. For OmniGraffle iPhone UI files, Patrick Crowley’s Ultimate iPhone Stencil is excellent.

* Mercury Intermedia’s free iPhone UI vector elements file is in no way endorsed by Billy Mays, though it would be awesome if it were.

Update: I posted a followup to this article addressing the advantages of using vector files for user interface projects. “Why build iPhone app mockups in vector format?”


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