What We’ve Done



November 2012 Stats

Zero Latency for Mercury’s M3 Platform

The 2012 election cycle was heated and highly contested, but Mercury’s M3 platform was ready. On election day, M3’s web servers averaged 13 million requests every hour, peaking at 26 million in a single hour. The Mercury platform team was on hand in case of emergency, but instead of scrambling to keep the servers up and running, they ended up occupying their time with a rousing game of Wolf Blitzer Nerf darts.

October 2012 Stats

M3 Crosses 50 Million Mark

The number of applications running on Mercury’s M3 platform officially crosses the milestone for 50 million installs.



December 2011 Stats

Billions and Billions Served

We don’t always agree with everything our partners classify as “breaking news”, but there is no question that push notifications have grown to be a service that readers depend on to receive the latest news updates. Mobile push notifications are a service that a lot of our competitors tend to farm out. But Mercury has embraced handling push notifications through M3 since 2009. Today, Mercury’s M3 push notifications service has sent out over 9 billion notifications to iOS and Android devices.

March 2011 Stats

M3 + Disaster Preparedness

When natural disasters hit, news traffic spikes. The catastrophic events surrounding the Japanese tsunami were one of the first tragedies that really challenged mobile news delivery. At peak traffic, Mercury’s three remote web servers driving M3 were averaging 300 requests per second. By the end of the day, M3 had handled 4.3 million requests. At the time, this was a proud accomplishment for Mercury. But to put this in perspective, today M3 handles an average of 8 million requests every hour and continues to prove itself a reliable, scalable platform.



November 2010 Stats

M3 Performs Under Pressure

The online traffic spike the night of the 2010 Midterm Elections was a challenge and an eye-opener for everyone in the news industry. Mercury was proud to boast that our Fox News Election iPhone app, was the only major election application that didn’t shut down that night due to platform scaling issues. Mercury’s M3 platform proved that it is not only fast and efficient, but that it is reliable and quickly scalable.



October 2009 Stats

Breaking New Ground

Mercury’s M3 platform sends out its first push notification. To date, Mercury has sent out over 9 billion push alerts.

March 2009 Stats

One App, Ten Million Times

Monthly app launches of USA Today iPhone exceed 10 million for the first time.